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Laser engraving and cutting has a wide use in modern management and the only limit in its application is imagination. It is possible to grave onto a large number of various matrials such as wood, clirit, ceramics, stone , leather , paper , gum , plastic,marble, glass, mirror , polyurethane… Some of the laser engraving products are :

    Engraving plates:

  • Door plates
  • Inventory plates
  • Plates for intercoms and post boxes
  • Plates for office buildings , restaurants and hotels
  • ID badges with names
  • Eva foam pendants
  • Pendants and accessories of wood

    Building marking:

  • Informing and warning inscriptions
  • Guide posts and floor marks
  • House numbers marks
  • Info boards
  • Advertising banners
  • Advertising goods
  • Stamps and seals